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The latest news, events and articles from Kerry…

The latest news, events and articles from Kerry…

As soon as I sit with Kerry the world becomes just that little more quiet. Trust came easily, Kerry’s readings, ( I’ve had 2 ) have been astoundingly accurate and although at the time something may not make sense, l found that on reflection l understood and it then made sense. Kerry is someone who has received a special gift and is thankfully willing to share it.


Hi Kerry, I just wanted to thank you for my tarot/mediumship reading today. It was lovely to receive the validation through your past, now and future tarot/intuitive reading and obviously the highlight being the connection with my late Son. You were so spot on and today I have felt a warm inner peace.

Karen Wlas

Welcome to my new studio…

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of my new reading room, where you can select to have a Mediumship or Tarot reading, or a combination of the two.

Goulburn Valley Writers’ Group Inc.

Sergio and I had the lovely opportunity to attend the first Goulburn Valley Writers’ Group Inc. meeting for 2019 where I was able to share and talk about ‘A Mothers Journey-A story of everlasting love and evidence of life after death’.

An Amazing Pre-release for “A Mother’s Journey”

Family, friends and I have been absolutely blown away by the pre-release sales of “A Mother’s Journey – A story of everlasting love and evidence of life after death” and even more so for the amazing responses and testimonials from readers.

Testimonial from Jo Knorr

I am so grateful to have had a private mediumship and psychic reading from Kerry. Her warmth, wisdom and and incredible gifts, so clearly evident and shared during our session, have given me such reassurance, comfort … Continued

Testimonial From Liz

Hi Kerry, thank you so very much for your amazing reading yesterday. I feel like I finally have the answers I need to be at peace with losing my beautiful friend. Thank you for sharing your … Continued

Testimonial from Tony Sofra

I love how the questions being posted by your readers are being answered in the most simple, positive and meaningful manner. All the information resonates with me, and now that I have had a reading from … Continued

Testimonial from Kerri L

My Perfect Day xx  Having lost my Dad to dementia related illness a few years ago, at the time it was a relief for us all….a blessing if you will…. and we were ok…A “need” for … Continued

Testimonial from Janene M

Fascinated with Kerry’s story I felt I needed to explore. I was a little apprehensive and nervous and to be honest, slightly sceptical. I really had no expectations about what I was about to experience. The … Continued

Testimonial from Julie-Anne

So enjoyed my reading today Kerry you are so spot on with everything. I am still pondering all the information you passed on to me. Julie-Anne