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Kerry Alderuccio

Kerry Alderuccio
My introduction to all things of a psychic nature came to me relatively late in life. It was after the loss of our adored 19-year-old son, Sam, that I realised I had an instinct I'd always had might be something more profound.

Throughout my life I have always been aware of changes in the energy around me, naively assuming that everyone felt such things. But as my loved ones gradually passed away, I always remained very aware of their presence.

It was after Sam’s untimely passing that I decided to act on this instinct and look for answers as to where Sam was and how contact could be made. I began my mediumship studies initially by sitting in circle in Melbourne and then attended Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom, where my psychic and mediumship gifts became very apparent.

My studies continue at Arthur Findlay College with yearly visits for two weeks at a time. Knowledge and learning has no ending, just like life itself…

It is my wish to work with and help as many people as possible to assist them in coping with their own grief, whether that be through simple conversation, a mediumship reading or a tarot reading, where I can gain insight into them in a psychic way.