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A Mother's Journey, by Kerry Alderuccio

Kerry’s latest book

Demystifying Mediumship; what makes a medium?

In 2012, Kerry Alderuccio lost her 19-year-old son, Sam, in a tragic car accident. Kerry’s understanding of death differed completely to what most people believed, she had within her an innate knowing that death meant ‘life after life’, and that was where her interest lay. Until that moment, she’d been oblivious to the world of mediums, psychics, and healers.
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A Mother's Journey, by Kerry Alderuccio

Author of

A Mother’s Journey

A story of everlasting love and evidence of life after death.

It is true to say that nothing prepares you for the loss of a child. It is usually totally unexpected and it certainly destroys the naturally perceived order of family succession. Not only do parents lose a child, but siblings lose their friend and first playmate. Life from here on is never truly complete, the void cannot be filled and the physical absence is always so painful and apparent.
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About Me
Kerry Alderuccio, Psychic Medium

About Me

Kerry Alderuccio

Throughout my life I have always been aware of changes in the energy around me, naively assuming that everyone felt such things. But as my loved ones gradually passed away, I always remained very aware of their presence.

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What I Do

What I Do

I wish to work with and assist as many people as possible in coping with their grief, whether that be through simple conversation, a mediumship reading or a tarot card reading.

Psychic Readings

Using tarot cards I am able to intuitively read your past, present and future. Specific questions can also be asked and answers will be given.

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Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is my passion and I love the privilege of being trusted to be the bridge between this world and the next…. the afterlife.

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Combined Readings

There are instances when a combination of both mediumship and tarot card readings are requested and this is always fine by me.

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Weekly Spiritual Circle

Learn about your own spiritual abilities, how to intuitively read cards, use pendulums and divining rods, explore the gift of mediumship, psychic readings and much more.

Bookings can be made by calling Kerry on 0409 456 001

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What my clients think


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Hi Kerry, thank you so very much for your amazing reading yesterday. I feel like I finally have the answers I need to be at peace with losing my beautiful friend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me.


I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you yesterday and to thank you again. I have said goodbye to so many people I love…it was wonderful to be able to say ‘hello’ once again. I deeply appreciate the opportunity you gave me to do that.


Fascinated with Kerry’s story I felt I needed to explore. I was a little apprehensive and nervous and to be honest, slightly sceptical. I really had no expectations about what I was about to experience.

The reading given was entirely my choice but Kerry had written down some points and answers just before I arrived. What she had to say blew me away. She had nailed me!!

Kerry went on to provide a very relaxed and calm environment which allowed me to feel that this was just a natural conversation and normal thing to do. My apprehensions were definitely unfounded and I would love to experience a reading from Kerry again.

Janene M

I love how the questions being posted by your readers are being answered in the most simple, positive and meaningful manner. All the information resonates with me, and now that I have had a reading from you makes it all the more clearer.

The reading was so amazing and the experience has given me a real sense of calmness. I always knew there was something to this afterlife thing.

Tony Sofra

So enjoyed my reading today Kerry you are so spot on with everything. I am still pondering all the information you passed on to me.