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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an afterlife? There absolutely is, but for so many people it is a daunting and seemingly impossible thought to contemplate.  None of us can escape death, we are not immortal on this side, but … Continued

Is there an afterlife?

There absolutely is, but for so many people it is a daunting and seemingly impossible thought to contemplate.  None of us can escape death, we are not immortal on this side, but we are on the other. As our own physical body ceases to survive, our soul (think of it as a tiny spark of light) leaves our remains and journeys to the afterlife.

Are we met by our loved ones?

Again, a definite yes to this question. Our loved ones are there to meet us and help us across between both worlds. Often those who have had a terminal illness or are elderly, will often speak about their loved ones waiting for them and they can actually see them.

Why can’t I ‘see’ or feel the presence of my loved ones?

This is always a very difficult and sensitive question, but also a very common one. Spirits make so many amazing efforts to be seen, heard and ‘felt’, but unless the loved one is very intuitive or spiritual their efforts often go unnoticed.

Many times messages are actually being sent and conveyed but the recipient is in total denial. “That flashing light means nothing, it’s an electrical fault.” “It was a coincidence to hear that really unique song being played on the radio that we both loved.” “I keep seeing his/ her name on numberplates, books, buildings and in the media, but this can’t mean anything!”

I keep finding small white feathers, does this mean anything?

Finding feathers in your pathway or in strange indoor places is certainly a sign that your loved ones are near. It is a beautiful way of spirit letting you know that they hear, see and know what’s happening in your life and they continue to share everything with you; just from another dimension.

Can spirits move and break things?

Yes, they most certainly can! Spirits are pure energy and they can and do make their presence known when needed. I personally have had various necklaces either break and fall into my lap, or undo themselves and remain on my neck. Each and every time this happens, it is always at a significant time or on an anniversary date of my son’s passing. 

I am aware from clients and friends who I have spoken to, that they have experienced possessions and house hold items being moved from one place to another. Spirit is trying to get your attention when this happens and it’s also their none too subtle way of letting you know that they are aware of what’s happening in your life.

Our lights keep blowing out and flickering?

Spirits love to interfere with all things electrical, whether it be your lighting, kettle, toaster, radio, TV, computer or gadgets. Often when a loved one crosses over the lights at their home will malfunction in some way. When our son, Sam passed away in 2012, we had 30 to 40 light globes blow out in the kitchen/ dining area over a 6 month period when his friends came to visit us. Don’t fear this phenomenon, it’s actually fantastic. We lost a very dear friend last December and on the day of his passing I was putting wine into our fridge in the garage. The light in that old fridge has not worked for over 7 years, yet when I opened the door it was initially off and then came on before my eyes! I closed the door and reopened it and nothing worked. That light has never worked again since.

Do animals go to the Afterlife?

Yes, they certainly do. Just like us, animals are pure energy too and they live on in spirit form. I often have family pets come through in my readings and also farm animals as well. All are significant to my clients and it’s absolutely wonderful to be able to reconnect the animals with their much loved owner again. 

Is reincarnation real?

I absolutely believe that it is and to me it makes total logical sense. We are here on Earth to learn lessons from our previous lives, it is the intention that we will grow as humans and learn from our mistakes. With each incarnation, the hope is that we are evolving to be better people each time. I also believe that at some point, some souls have learnt all that there is to learn here on Earth and they no longer keep returning in another life and body. 

Are there places where Mediumship can be studied?

Yes, there are a number of training facilities world wide for the teaching of mediumship and psychic abilities. Personally, I began my studies at the highly acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom and I continue to study there for two weeks every year. Like all things, there is no end to what can be learnt and mediumship most certainly is no different. Do your research and go to where feels right for you and meets your spiritual needs.

What form do spirits take when a medium makes contact with them?

This is a tricky question, depending on how as a Medium, that you receive your information. For me, I can see what the spirit looks like and I can describe how they appear. I also am extremely sensitive to the emotions that are imparted on me, via the spirit. This is without a doubt the most powerful part of mediumship in my opinion. Spirit can and does send through the medium, intense emotional feelings that can reduce you to tears. It can be extremely difficult to share their messages of incredible and undying love without showing obvious emotion. I “hear” what the spirit says through telepathy and I can also see the images that they project of past memories and special moments. It’s all about spirit giving evidence of survival, so it’s imperative to just pass on what ever is given and not try to process or understand the meaning from our perspective. Spirit will also often show themselves as they looked when they passed away, for the sake of recognition, but will then project another image of when they were younger. 

Can spirit contact a medium?

Spirits can indeed come directly to a medium with messages for their loved ones without being asked or invited. A few years ago I was meditating at home and was actually ‘with’ my own loved ones, when an unknown spirit appeared and introduced himself to me. He was in fact the late husband and father of extremely close friends, and I had never had the pleasure of meeting him in this lifetime. He was also from another country, but none of this prevented him from being very much present in my meditation. I heard what he had to say and made notes afterwards. I had no choice but to share this amazing encounter with our friends, his loved ones and his messages were duly shared. My understanding is that spirit can see opportunities to be heard and they take them when they are presented to them.

Are some spirits shy?

Absolutely they are. It’s actually quite easy to tell which spirits have come through many times at readings and which ones have never come forward before. The ‘regulars’ are there right away ready and waiting and they give so much wonderful evidence in the form of memories, appearance, relationship and so on. At other times, which is often, there will be a spirit who kindly comes forward, but they are not forthcoming with much information. Often they will warm up as the reading continues and begin to offer more and more information so their loved ones can identify them. It is also often important to note that spirits will portray a similar persona in death, as they had in life. A shy spirit was often a shy person.