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Psychic Medium Services

I wish to work with and assist as many people as possible in coping with their grief, whether that be through simple conversation, a mediumship reading or a tarot card reading.

All of my mediumship readings are one on one and they last for one hour, you are most welcome to record the session and any questions are most welcome.

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship is my passion and I love the privilege of being trusted to be the bridge between this world and the next…. the afterlife.


Combined Readings

There are instances when a combination of both mediumship and tarot card readings are requested and this is always fine by me.


Psychic Readings

Using tarot cards I am able to intuitively read your past, present and future. Specific questions can also be asked and answers will be given.


Skype Readings

Skype readings are available for anyone who can’t come to me in person.