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My reading with Kerry, although emotional was good, knowing the strong connection with loved ones made me feel less alone. Thank you Kerry.


I came to see Kerry after a fairly turbulent time in my life.  We started with an intuitive tarot reading and Kerry hit every nail on the head.  Her insight and clarity helped bring understanding and closure where it was needed, and I left feeling a deep release and a new found confidence in life and its many mysteries.  Thank you again for your guidance.


After reading Kerry’s amazing book I felt drawn to meet with her face to face for a reading. I was not disappointed, Kerry was so warm, dynamic and engaging and the reading surpassed my expectations, spot on in many ways. I have been reflective since my reading and now want to peruse and learn more about my inner self. Thank you, Kerry, so very much.


Kerry holds such a beautiful space for you to connect to all that you have experienced, what you are currently moving through, and the possibilities that are coming up. She delivers her information with such compassion and kindness, and is incredibly intuitive and gifted in her ability and connecting to the cards. She also passed on lovely messages and confirmation from loved ones in spirit which was so heart warming – highly recommend her for a reading!

Kerry knew people and things that only I would know thus the trust I had in her reading.

Connecting with loved ones helped with the emptiness felt.

Thank you, Kerry


I came across Kerry’s book at a very hard and sad time in my life. I wasn’t looking for it, it just turned up in my path. After reading her book I was left feeling sad, happy and intrigued all at the same time. I decided to get in touch with Kerry to book a Skype reading, again I’m not really sure why, as I had never thought about this before. From the moment I spoke to her, I felt at ease and very comfortable. Kerry’s abilities to reach my loved ones and connect with them allowed me to feel close to the love of my life who had recently passed away and for that, I am forever grateful. Kerry knew things that she could not have guessed or made up. A total stranger knew me, knew who I was, who I am and although I still don’t understand how this is possible, somehow it most certainly is…


My 44 year old daughter died suddenly in unhappy circumstances 4 months prior to meeting with Kerry. Kerry brought me comfort by communicating with my daughter, sharing with me the joyful memories from my daughter’s childhood, and helping me to feel that she is happy in the afterlife, with her grandfather and her favourite dog, with continues to be with me in spirit and watching over those who loved her. Kerry was sensitive and kind.

I was amazed at how she connected with my daughter’s spirit, discovering facts from our lives that she couldn’t have known previously. I am grateful to have seen Kerry and will visit her again in the future to ‘catch up with my daughter’ again. 
Many thanks


I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you yesterday and to thank you again. I have said goodbye to so many people I love…it was wonderful to be able to say ‘hello’ once again. I deeply appreciate the opportunity you gave me to do that.


Thanks Kerry for today I really enjoyed it even though it’s emotional and you were spot on! I’m looking forward to listening to it again. Was lovely meeting you.


Thank you Kerry for an amazing reading and more so for letting me into your world and sharing your energy with me. I felt Sam with us both and left with so much gratitude and understanding that I felt fuzzy. What an inspirational woman you are and a beautiful mum.

I cried a lot yesterday, lots of emotional clearing and with every tear there was a different emotion. How blessed are we to truly “feel” Kerry and to “see” and to “look”! Yep….it can be a double edged sword but I know it’s a gift because we are “awake”! You and Sam and beautiful Jo, who introduced me to you both, have given me so much peace. Thank you.

My reading yesterday also has given me lots of validation and strategies and I am thankful for that. I look forward to my mediumship reading, with you, next Wednesday lovely lady Kerry. Take care of YOU ❣️


Have arrived home safely 🙂 Thank you for today it is very comforting to know my family are around me & they know I love them. Take care.


Kerry, I have just finished your book and was all consumed with it after I started reading a few pages and could not put it down. It really drew me in and was so easy to read. I felt I was within your journey rather than as “an observer”. That is most interesting; a great read. I am truly feeling calm and content after meeting with you and I feel very comfortable and at peace from your guidance. 

Kerry M

As soon as I sit with Kerry the world becomes just that little more quiet. Trust came easily, Kerry’s readings, ( I’ve had 2 ) have been astoundingly accurate and although at the time something may not make sense, l found that on reflection l understood and it then made sense. Kerry is someone who has received a special gift and is thankfully willing to share it.


Hi Kerry, I just wanted to thank you for my tarot/mediumship reading today. It was lovely to receive the validation through your past, now and future tarot/intuitive reading and obviously the highlight being the connection with my late Son. You were so spot on and today I have felt a warm inner peace.

Karen Wlas

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