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The latest news, events and articles from Kerry…

The latest news, events and articles from Kerry…

Kerry’s reading was truly a compassionate and healing gift to me, and she provided me and my beloved son with a great gift to each other.She was spot-on with everything that my son was communicating to her. She had so much empathy and understanding for both me and my son, and the difficulties that we both had to deal with prior to his transitioning. I felt that a deep and loving healing took place for both of us, one that was so profound that I am deeply grateful to Kerry for facilitating it. Her energy is so positive and uplifting, and her insight is so perceptive that I totally trust in the reading that she provided. It has honestly lightened the heavy, sad, painful grief that I had been carrying inside me for so many months. Blessings to Kerry, and deep gratitude for your healing work!

Beth Banion, USA

27 degrees SAG- The Galactic Center Podcast

Many thanks to Kimla Lowe in Florida, USA for having me on her podcast, 27 degrees SAG- The Galactic Center to talk about my pathway to mediumship and why I wrote my two books, A Mother’s Journey- A story of everlasting love and evidence of life after death and Demystifying Mediumship- What makes a medium?

Love, Light, Inspire Podcast

I very much enjoyed speaking with Lorene Roberts on her podcast Love, Light, Inspire about a very difficult subject that not enough is said about, losing a child. I hope that my words will help many and provide hope for the future.

News & Events

Helping Parents Heal

Helping Parents Heal international have recognised A Mother’s Journey and Demystifying Mediumship as being beneficial reading to anyone who has lost a loved one.

Testimonial from Simone

I went to see Kerry with the hope to be reconnected to my sister, who recently died. My reading was everything I needed and so much more. Kerry knew things that made me know my beautiful … Continued

Testimonial from Jenny K.

Hi Kerry, thank you again for the most beautiful reading this afternoon. Been thinking of something you said about a small white box with a shiny metal inside, so went looking and you were right. It … Continued

Testimonial from Linda and Luke

My son and I recently shared a beautiful, emotional and informative medium/psychic reading with Kerry. It amazed us how Kerry was able to touch on past and present experiences that she had no prior knowledge to. … Continued