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Testimonial from Ashley

Kerry Alderuccio

I came across Kerry’s book at a very hard and sad time in my life. I wasn’t looking for it, it just turned up in my path. After reading her book I was left feeling sad, happy and intrigued all at the same time. I decided to get in touch with Kerry to book a Skype reading, again I’m not really sure why, as I had never thought about this before. From the moment I spoke to her, I felt at ease and very comfortable. Kerry’s abilities to reach my loved ones and connect with them allowed me to feel close to the love of my life who had recently passed away and for that, I am forever grateful. Kerry knew things that she could not have guessed or made up. A total stranger knew me, knew who I was, who I am and although I still don’t understand how this is possible, somehow it most certainly is…


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